Our Mission:

The Community Faces of Utah believes it is important to make informed, preventive healthcare decisions for ourselves, our children, our families, and our friends.

By increasing our knowledge we become empowered to improve health for our families and our community.

We also believe that diverse community organizations and institutions can fruitfully dialogue and collaborate to build trust, learn from each other, and work together to enhance our communities' health.


Community Faces of Utah (CFU) is an Organizational Partnership with
The University of Utah ~ The Utah Department of Health ~ 5 Diverse Communities
  • Best of Africa
  • Calvary Baptist Church
  • Hispanic Health Care Task Force
  • Urban Indian Center of Salt Lake
  • National Tongan American Society

CFU is a nexus of communication between resource sources and those who need a voice to achieve better health. CFU is dedicated to creating partnerships and engaging in opportunities for entire communities to become healthier. We work together to better provide health promotion and education for...

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