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Community Wellness Coaches Photo Gallery - 2013

Women from underserved populations in Utah experience disparities related to obesity. A small study conducted in these communities found that gender norms may have a strong influence health behaviors and choices that are related to obesity. 

In order to get a better understanding of the role of gender norms, a large study is being conducted jointly by the Utah Women’s Health Coalition (UWHC) and the Community Faces of Utah (CFU).  CFU includes leaders from African, African American, American Indian/Alaskan Native, Hispanic/Latino, and Pacific Islander Utah communities, the University of Utah, and the Utah Department of Health. Women from each community have been trained as wellness coaches to use tailored goal setting and one-on-one interviewing to help women make behavioral changes that will reduce their risk of obesity.

You can stay in touch with the study and follow stories about these coaches through our Photovoice campaign.

Community Faces of Utah - January 2011

The Community Faces of Utah - Genetics Science Learning Forum - May 2010