Community Faces: Photos with Voices


Patricia - Calvary Baptist Church - Boot Camp - Photovoice

These women have overcome a lot to be here exercising early on a Saturday morning! They are up early doing "Boot Camp."
--Patricia, Community Wellness Coach, Calvary Baptist Church

Youth wellness through cultural traditions

"Youth wellness through cultural traditions," featuring Zoe, 6 years old and daughter of Penelope (Northern Ute), Community Wellness Coach at the Urban Indian Center of Salt Lake City

Quote from Valentine, Community Wellness Coach

"As my kids are getting older, they manage to always find a snack and a drink on their own and they always get what’s closer to them. So I keep different kinds of fruits and water bottles at the table where they can reach and that prevents them from going to the kitchen closet to get bread and other unhealthy stuffs."
--Valentine, Community Wellness Coach, Best of Africa

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